Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daddy's Home
August 19th, 2009
I had the day off today so Brody and I were just getting things done around the house. I was cutting up the chicken for dinner when I heard a door open. my heart seriously stoped! I was so freaked out, my first thought was oh my gosh Brody...we live in a fine neighborhood, its just some of the people that stop at the store we live by are a little iffy. Next thing I knew Stuart was standing in the kitchen. I was so excited, he never..and I mean never gets home early for no reason. It was only 3:00 too! I guess that the ground he was planting grass on was too dry or something, I'm not for sure..half the time he talks work I have no idea what he means. Whatever the reason I was just glad to be able to spend a whole day with him! We had a great time, Brody even took a little nap during dinner so we lite a candle and listen to our first song we danced to at our wedding (don't tell him I said, he would kill me!). I don't know how all the farmers wife's do it..I hate it I hardly ever get to see my husband, and when he finally does get home hes tired and ready for bed. I wish there were more of these days around!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Little Get Away

The Oregon Coast
Sunday - Day Five
August 16th, 2009

Today was our last day on the beach, and last post I promise...what can I say, I'm a beach lover! We didn't do a huge amount in Lincoln City today, just went through some shops and got some salt water taffy, Carmel corn and a few cute toys for Brody.

Brody sleeping before we left with his puppy once again!
When we were about the hit the exit to start heading to Portland and away from the beach Stuart said it would kind of be nice to go home a different way and drive through Canon Beach and Seaside. I of course thought that was a great idea, we knew it would take quiet a bit longer but we went for it anyways. (I think we were both in denial that we were leaving the beach.) Along the way the scenery was beautiful, and there were cows everywhere!

Our first stop was at the Tillamook cheese factory. I hadn't been there in years, it was fun to go back. We didn't take a tour because we figured it would take too long but we did buy some cheese curds of course! Here's Brody tasting his first cheese curd, or as Daddy calls it squeaky cheese. He really liked it!

We drove through so many little towns I never remember seeing before. They were so cute and little and just so welcoming. There was one town in particular called Rock away beach (if i remember right) that I would love to go to some year. There was a flee market going on when we drove though, I wanted to stop so bad but once again we didn't think we would have to time to stop.

Our next stop was Canon Beach, which is an absolutely beautiful beach! I miss going there, we used to stay in Seaside every year and then just drive to Canon Beach but now we usually go to Lincoln City. I love Lincoln City too though, I wish we could stay at both!

We were getting a little hungry when we were at Canon Beach so we decided to eat. There's this really nice restaurant right off the beach that we wanted to go too. I asked to see a menu before they seated us though because it looked pretty fancy and expensive. I'm glad that I did because one plate of fish was chips was $20!! Lets just say we got out of there pretty fast. We ended up eating at Dodgers which was very good and inexpensive. Brody loves Fries. He always steals my fries no matter where we are, many that's why he weighs 38 pounds!

Our next and last beach stop was Seaside. I hadn't been there in years either and It has changed soo much. They have made it a lot nicer then it used to be. As a kid we used to always, no matter what, have to go into this toy shop that is in the little mall they have there. We brought Brody in, he thought the toys were pretty fun!

This is one of the toys we bought him in Lincoln City, I think he's still trying to figure it out.

The dreaded Washington sign :(

There is this store called Romy's in the Vancover mall which I was dieing to go to. Stuart was nice enough to drive me there and with little complaining too! Well when we got there the parking lot was pretty much empty, the mall had closed at 4:30!! I was so mad, but Stuart was even madder because we still had to drive back over to Portland to pick up a part for work. So back into Oregon we went, I guess it never crossed either of our minds that the mall would be closed earlier.

The Beautiful Washington scenery. I couldn't get a good picture of the waterfall, they were too blurry and then it was gone. I wanted to drive home on the Washington side so we could see the Twilight scenery, but we ended up on the other side. Its still pretty, but Edward hasn't been over here! By this time we we're beyond ready to be home.Brody is getting old enough to where he doesn't want to be in the car for every long. Over all he did really good though, I don't blame him at all its hard to be in a car for that long. We had a great time at the beach, we already are wanting to go back we miss it so much! We cant wait till next year!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Little Get Away

The Oregon Coast
Day Four - Saturday
August 15th, 2009

Today was our "Family picture" day. Before we left for the beach I got a voice mail from my mom saying that she kind of wanted to take pictures and to have Stuart and Brody in blue shirts and Me in green. Somehow this didn't surprise me, what did surprise me was how long she took to mention it to me. Stuart wasn't too fond of the idea but he knew there wasn't much he could do about it..nothing can come between my Mom and her pictures.

Brody fell asleep on the car ride over, he did a lot of this on vacation. He never seemed to want to take an actual nap, like he knew he would miss out on too much. It has gotten to the point where Stuart and I have to take turns holding him he is soooo heavy. He wears your arm out pretty fast!

While Brody was asleep we did some Jensen family pictures. Doesn't Evan seem like hes enjoying this too much!

We were excited to have two new people in the family this year. Brody did so good with pictures, he always had to have some kind of stick in his hand and he wasn't always looking at the camera but he still did so good.

The Jensen kids

Our little family. I love this picture of the three of us, but the first thing Stuart said when he saw it was that it was about the worst picture of him..he said he looks Chinese in it.

Like is said earlier, I love how much my parents are in love with each other..and the fact that it actually shows too!! I wish Stuart would take pictures like this with me and not complain about it! I always have to tell him before we go somewhere to please act like he likes me because he just hates showing affection in front of people.

I think this picture of the Burnett girls is soo cute! They have been close to us for years and are pretty much like family to us now.

This is the wrath of an angry photographer!! DO NOT and I mean DO NOT mess with my Mom when we are on a photo shoot..it could get bad! To me the funniest part of this picture is the look on my Dad's face, like nothing is even going on. Haha he is used to it by now.

Little Bro being patient after pictures

This is Brody's famous puppy, he sleeps with it every night and pretty much every nap he has. If he doesn't have this stuffed animal he has to at least have another one. He also has it a lot of the time when hes awake, lets just say he pretty much loves this puppy! Natalie bought it for him when he was little and he hasn't let go of it since. He likes to chew on and suck on the nose, ears, tail, hands and feets..and they can get pretty raunchy. He has been through in the wash quiet a few times!

Brody in the pool at Grandma and Grandpas hotel. We didn't bring any water wings or anything for him so this was the only thing I could find to buy there. The pool wasn't his favorite thing but he liked it, he liked it better when Mommy or Daddy was holding him though. There was also a hot tub outside overlooking the ocean. He would sit out there on the edge with us and do nothing but try and get it, it was way to hot though so we wouldn't let him but he tried.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Little Get Away

The Oregon Coast
Day Three - Friday
August 14th, 2009

There is this great little restaurant in Newport called the chowder bowl, we have to go there at least once every year. The fish is to die for, and the clam chowder is amazing too! On the way back we like to stop in Depo Bay and get some of our favorite salt water taffy and Carmel corn.

While we were waiting for my mom who was in another shop Grandpa treated us all to some ice cream, Brody had a great time sampling every ones different flavors.

There is this great little beach in Depo Bay we found when we stayed there one year. It is really small and really hard to get to but defiantly worth it.

We caught Dan taking a nap on the beach!

Stuart and Brody finding some cool rocks

A guy came down and brought his cat, weird I know. Brody thought the cat was pretty fun to play with, I'm not too sure if the feeling was mutual though.

After we got back we went to the beach by my parents house again. As you can see Brody had a great time in the sand, even when it was all over his face.

We knew my Mom was going to take tons of pictures of Brody. I didn't realize how big his swimming trunk were on him until I saw this picture, they are like pants haha!

The guys playing some football. Stuart trying to keep the ball from Dan.

I cant remember exactly how this happened but I think that Stuart said if Evan ran straight into the ocean and just dove in that all the guys would do it too. Here's Evan looking at Stuart Dan and my Dad after he did his turn.

Stuarts head poking out of the water...crazy guy, It wasn't even that warm out that night. After all the guys got in the water Natalie realized that we didn't even bring any towels down, and there was no way any of us were hiking it up those stairs to get some, we all thought that was pretty funny.

All the girls.

Natalie writing Stuart + Alissa = Brody in the sand

Stuart decided to write Howard hearts Arianne in the sand, he said if our names were going to be all over the blog so were theirs...he knows me too well!

Evan's Birthday was on the 2nd, but he was in Camas with the Burnett's so we never celebrated it. We bought an ice cream cake and celebrated a late 14th birthday down at the coast.

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