Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 3rd-6th, 2011

On our way back we stoped at the falls to take some pictures. It was really pretty, but also cold and wet so Bro didnt want to stay for very long. Anya and Evan went up to the bridge.

Dan had the idea to feed the seagulls from our hands. Suprizingly it worked. It was actualy kind of scary, I ended up throwing my bread before a bird got it. I wanted to keep all of my fingers without anything bites! Tons of birds were flying above us, and it wasnt till after our phone rang twice that we noticed a sign saying not to feed the birds at the hotel.
Brody loved swimming. The hot tub was not very hot at all so I let him get in and he had a blast.

Evan and Brody have the funkiest relationship. They pick on eachother so much (mostly Evan to Brody) But love eachother more then anything. I always say Brody is the little brother Evan never got to pick on.

More Beach Pictures

More Beach Pictures

April 3rd - 6th, 2011

I love love love the beach, so please excuse the tons of pictures. Its just so hard to pick.

I think my son is the most peculiar person I know. He has so many little things about him that he doesnt like or that has to be a certain way, It cracks me up. He loves to get dirty, but he does not like his hands to be too dirty. I think its a texture thing too, the sand on his hands was just a little too weird.

Having fun running from the waves

Brodys first fall into the freezing water, poor guy!

"Im Two!"

The Very long set of staires we had to climb to get to the hotel and into some dry clothes. The Burnetts. The best beach going friends we have :)
One of our favorie stops, the beach below the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport. Also the town where we get the best fish and chips at the Chowder Bowl. We cant come to the beach withouth eating there.

Brody loved this seaweed!

Bro is always full of kisses. He is a very loving little boy.

Anya and Natalie. Two of my favorite girls :)

Spring break at the bach

Spring break at the beach

April 3rd - 6th, 2011

This year we spent spring break at our favorite place with the Burnett's, Lincoln City Oregon. We all had so much fun. It rained quiet a bit but it was still sooo nice to be there. Brody of course loved it, he would live outside if Id let him. He also found a new favorite thing, SWIMMING. Everytime we went he threw a huge fit when it was time to get out. Emma Became Bros new best friend. He cried when we had to leave her. We are so greatful that we get to have such fun memories with family and friends :)

Evan Lauren and Erika. Love these girls.

Brody got knocked off balance by the water and fell completely in! Keep in mind it was pretty cold there, and the water was freezing. He didnt mind until the second time it happened, then it was a little too cold for him. Poor Emma got all wet picking Bro up.

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