Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Photo Shoot

Another Photo Shoot
February 17th, 2010
My friend Tawnya has been wanting my Mom to take some pictures of her little girl for a long time, but it keep either raining or was just plain freezing out. So the first nice day we went. Another friend Dinah's son is turning one soon so my mom took some pictures of him too. I dressed Brody up even though I figured we wouldn't get too many of him, he hasn't been in a very good picture taking mood lately.

Us Moms with the babies.
Brody throwing one of his many many MANY fits. I think we're hitting the terrible 2's a little early.

Tawnya, Miss Supermom! She was holding Micah and Brody keep going over and holding onto her leg. We thought it would be funny to throw all the kids on her. Lets just say I don't think she'll be wanting 3 kids anytime soon!

The boys checking stuff out. Brody loves "fixing things".

Always trying to get away!
We finally got him to hold still for 2 seconds.

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