Thursday, November 4, 2010



November 2nd, 2010

While my aunt Malaree and uncle Paul were in Europe for their anniversary my mom went to Seattle to watch my cousins Chloe, Hayden and Sterling. I thought it would be fun to bring Brody over as well so that he could get to know his cousins (first cousins once removed..I think thats how that works) better, and also to help my mom. Brody really enjoyed being around other kids! They had a lot of fun together.

Here they are watching a movie together.

November 3rd, 2010

My aunt has a big jetted tub in their bathroom, which Brody thought was pretty awsome! So as you can imagine he really wanted to take his baths in it. At first Sterling wasnt too sure about it, He wasnt really liking the idea of Brody splashing him.

But once he got in they had a blast together!

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