Wednesday, May 11, 2011


First Sprinlker Fun Of The Summer


May 11th, 2011

Brody is really into swimming lately, why I do not know because hes bardly been swimming! Since last summer hes only been a few times in a hotel but he remembers and loves it. So hes been saying that he wants to go swimming, well this was as close as we can get. He really considers anything related to water swimming, so it worked great! Only thing was it wasnt that warm out :( So he didnt do a whole lot of getting wet but it was still fun. He is going to love the sprinkler when it gets hot out!!

Trying it out befor he realized it was kind of cold.

A little unsure of it now...

This little stinker never fails to remind me that hes smarter then we all realize. There was a little flower he droped right in the sprinkler the first time he ran through it. I told him to go get it thinking it would trick him into getting in the water. Well instead of getting wet he took the hose and pulled the water away from the flower so he could get it without getting wet. I mean who is he!?!? Since he doesnt talk a ton (at least not full sentences) I sometimes forget how smart he really is.

Just having fun! (And needing a hair cut haha)

And so begins our summer water fun :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011




May 10th, 2011

Brodys favorite place to be is outside, his favorite thing to do outside is find bugs..more specifically worms!! He could pretty much live in this little dirt strip in my parents backyard. This is where they plant their tomato plants every year though, we will be sooo sad when we cant play in it this summer :(

Brody was so proud of all the worms he found. He went around and showed everyone his jar full of 108 worms!!! Yes, we actualy sat there and counted them. It doesnt look like that much since they are all in a ball but there was a ton of them.

Proudly showing off his "Grandpa worm". He calls the biggest worms grandpa worms, the medium ones mama worms and the small ones baby worms.

Hand full of worms!! His boy is not afraid at all to get dirt and touch any kind of bug. He is definitely all boy.

As a side note, notice the humongous dinosaur egg "watch" Brody is wearing. It actually isnt a watch, its one of those tamagachi things we had when we were kids that he found laying around the house and insisted on wearing it. He is now obsessed with watches. He always has to have it on! Im thinking I need to buy him a real one. He also has a duck key hanging from his belt loop that he has to have one. He is so funny, he goes through these stages where he is obesessed with things!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brody and his Best Friend Kali!

Brody and his Best Friend Kali!

May 4th, 2011

Brody absolutly adores Kali, and she likes him a lot too. It had been a while since they played together and they were missing eachother. This morning we got a call from sweet miss Kali saying she wanted to play. I would take Kali any day of the week! Shes so easy to have around and such a sweetheart with Brody. We started the day off with going to lunch at Mcdonalds, Brodys favorite place (of course!). Brodys favorite spot at my parents house is this little dirt strip, mostly for finding worms. After lunch we filled it up with water and Brody and Kali had the time of their lives playing in it! I should have taken pictures right before they got in the bath because they were both covered in mud.

Watching a movie. The video below is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen, they were feeding eachother popcorn! Kali is so sweet and caring to Brody, she is like a little Mom to him.

We didnt take her home until 7:00. Even after hours of being together they still werent sick of eachother. She is the only person Brody can be around that long and not be a pill by the end.

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