Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mariners Game

Mariners Game


August 11th, 2011

There is not much my family enjoys more then a good baseball game. We especially love going to Safco field...we love our Mariners! This year for Evan's 16th birthday my Dad took our family and two of Evans friends to a game.

We always go to the games early and wait till the gates open...yes were those crazy people.

Bro loves playing in the kid corner.

The moose! Brody was very excited about seeing him from a distance, but as soon as we got closer he wasnt to thrilled.

I couldnt resist putting this picture up. Someday Im going to show this to Brody and tell him how crazy he could be!! My mom wanted to take a picture of us, well Brody was not in the mood for that at all! He started getting really mad, and then started pulling on his face!! I dont know why he doesnt half of the things he does. He is an angel most of the time, but when he gets in one of those moods watch out!

Cotton Candy is always a must at a game.

Brody entertaining himself

No matter where we are, when a good song comes on Brody will hit the floor and start break dancing...I mean anywhere...I was in the bathroom and he heard a song he liked and started busting a move! I believe this time was to Party Rock Anthem.

This is a signature Brody move.
Dip n Dots is also a must!
Once in a while I had to resort to a binky. Dont judge, I know hes almost three but I really dont care, when he gets crazy I have no problem pluggin him up! He is in love with his binky and puppy...we cant go anywhere without that puppy.
Brody loves being around the big boys. He especially loved Kooper this time. Before the game I asked him who he wanted to sit by and without hesitating he said "Kooper!"

Me and my little man. I sure love that little boy.

The whole crew. (the lady wasnt that great at taking pictures)

Brody thought the dirt was so cool...the lady was nice enough to let him touch it and boy did he like it.

Its hard to believe my little baby brother is so huge now. Hes 16 and ready to date, so watch out ladies!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


More Utah Pictures

July 20th - 26th

My Aunt and Uncle live in a really nice neightborhood with this awsome splash pad. Brody had a blast going to it. He keeps talking about the splash pad!

One of the few times Brody actualy sat still and let my mom take pictures of him.
Brod being his usual crazy self..I sure love that crazy little boy, he is always so much fun!

He loved taking a shower, Im thinking its because the water was warm.

Fireworks were crazy in Utah!! They are allowed to set them off for a whole month..and boy did people take advantage of it! The people two houses down from my aunt and uncle were setting off big fireworks from their front yard. We decided to settle for sparklers.

Our last full day in Utah (Monday) We all went to a Bee's game. It is Utahs minor league baseball team. Our family loves a good baseball game. And oddly enought they were playing Tacomas minor league team...so Brody of course had to sport his Mariner jersey.

Brody has always absolutly adored my cousin Jared. This time was no exeption. He always wanted to be around Jared.

And of course Brody with his super bag of cotton candy.

Doing some lunges to warm up for the game :)

The weather was beautiful..a little too hot, until about half way through the game when it started to rain :( And boy did it rain. We still had a great time though!

All of us trying to keep dry, then theres my Dad taking it like a man!

Utah Trip

Utah Trip

July 20th - 26th, 2011

We ususaly go to the beach every summer, but this year our big trip was to Utah. One of my moms bestfriends daughters was getting married in Utah so we figured it was the perfect time to go and see Anya and some family (Anya is living in Utah now). It was such a nice get away. I almost wasnt able to go becuase of school but at the last minute I made it work and Brody and I got to go!

The first day we were there we went to Park City to hit the outlet mall :) We also went to the Alpine slides, they were so much fun. Brody had a blast!! Here we are waiting in line.

This was the first lift Brody and I had ever been on. I was a little worried Bro would be freaked out but he wasnt scared at all.

The slide's were sooo much fun. Brody had his hands in the air the whole time, screaming and laughing!

In front of the Hotel for the wedding.

After the wedding there was dinner and a dance. We all had a blast dancing!

On Sunday we all went walking around silver Mountain, it was beautiful.

Brody was in Heaven of course, that little boy loves being outdoors.

Sister :)

This picture just cracks me up. When people would walk by Brody would bent over and act like he was farting..making a farting noise and all!! Lets just say you can tell that he lives with his Uncle Evan!!
Evan doing his usual crazy thing! And I just love the look on my moms face, totaly her :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


First Sprinlker Fun Of The Summer


May 11th, 2011

Brody is really into swimming lately, why I do not know because hes bardly been swimming! Since last summer hes only been a few times in a hotel but he remembers and loves it. So hes been saying that he wants to go swimming, well this was as close as we can get. He really considers anything related to water swimming, so it worked great! Only thing was it wasnt that warm out :( So he didnt do a whole lot of getting wet but it was still fun. He is going to love the sprinkler when it gets hot out!!

Trying it out befor he realized it was kind of cold.

A little unsure of it now...

This little stinker never fails to remind me that hes smarter then we all realize. There was a little flower he droped right in the sprinkler the first time he ran through it. I told him to go get it thinking it would trick him into getting in the water. Well instead of getting wet he took the hose and pulled the water away from the flower so he could get it without getting wet. I mean who is he!?!? Since he doesnt talk a ton (at least not full sentences) I sometimes forget how smart he really is.

Just having fun! (And needing a hair cut haha)

And so begins our summer water fun :)

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