Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brody update

Something must be wrong!!
May 27th, 2009
This is what my mom and I have been saying for seriously about a month now...something must be wrong with our little Brody!! He hasn't been himself for quiet a while now. He started teething probably a month ago (I feel like a bad Mom I didn't even write it down or anything), hes been pretty cranky with that. He got his two top ones in first, both at the same time. Then the two outside ones came in on the bottom. Now two more on the top and bottom have broken through , so as you can imagine hes been a bit grumpy with that. Hes been biting everything imaginable and drooling like crazy! He just hasn't been himself at all. He usually loves his baths but he hasn't been wanting to stay in them very long at all lately. He also loves to eat...and I mean LOVES it, up until today I couldn't get him to eat anything but his baby yogurt. He also had a really bad cough and a very runny noise. I had been putting off taking him to the doctor because it just seems like every time I take him there ends up being nothing wrong. Also I figured it must just be from him teething. So I finally just decided to take him in on Tuesday. When they weighed him he had dropped down to 20 pounds, he was almost at 22 before. The Doctor said everything was fine except for him noise. He ended up having a sinus infection. I was surprised it wasn't more then that because he has such a bad cough. So we got him on some antibiotics and hopefully he'll be good to go soon.
Also watch out for a post coming soon...Hes going to start crawling anytime now!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Some More Pictures
My Mom Evan Brody and I went to Camas the first weekend of April to visit the Burnett's. As you all know my moms absolutely loved taking pictures. When we were younger I hated going on her little photo shoots, I mean hated it...they lasted way too long and everyone ended up fighting in the end because none of us kids wanted to be there. But know I have learned to appreciate her pictures a lot more. I love the fact that she has taken so many pictures of my son, I'm sure we will all enjoy looking back on them as he grows and gets older. My Mom thought that downtown Camas was absolutely beautiful and wanted to take some pictures of Brody and I. All the little shops were so much fun, even Brody enjoyed window shopping!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Me and My Man

Brody And Mommy
May 2nd, 2009

I don't have too many pictures of Brody and I, mostly just Brody. Grandma loves to take pictures of Brody and hes usually pretty good about it too. So here's some pictures of the two of us when we went to visit our good friends the Burnett's in Camas.

He almost looks like he has red hair in this picture! That's a little bit of Grandma J coming out in him.

I just think he looks so dang cute in this picture

Friday, May 1, 2009

I know...super super late post!!

Brody's First Easter
I know, this is way after the fact but I figure I might as well still do it while I get the chance. I have had these pictures ready to do a post for a while now but just haven't had the chance to actually getting around to doing it. Ill be lucky if I even get this one done before Brody wakes up. Brody is an amazingly good baby....as long as your holding him and doing what he and only he wants to do! The kid is so stinking spoiled!!! So that is why I have been so behind on posts. (I have no idea how Dedree does it!! Shes amazing!!) I have so many I still need to do, it might be a while before they get done though. But anyways Brody had a pretty good first Easter. Even though he has no idea what is going on I got him a little Easter basket with a few things in it anyways. Tawnya and I found this cute Easter bunny that sings and wiggles it tail and flaps its ears when you push its paw. He didn't quiet know what do it with it at first, but he liked just watching it. He actually seemed to enjoy the grass the most. I swear he would rather play with weird things I would never think of then the actual toys that I buy him! I also found these cute camo eggs for him. I cant wait till next year when we can have an Easter egg hunt with him.

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