Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mariners Game

Mariners Game


August 11th, 2011

There is not much my family enjoys more then a good baseball game. We especially love going to Safco field...we love our Mariners! This year for Evan's 16th birthday my Dad took our family and two of Evans friends to a game.

We always go to the games early and wait till the gates open...yes were those crazy people.

Bro loves playing in the kid corner.

The moose! Brody was very excited about seeing him from a distance, but as soon as we got closer he wasnt to thrilled.

I couldnt resist putting this picture up. Someday Im going to show this to Brody and tell him how crazy he could be!! My mom wanted to take a picture of us, well Brody was not in the mood for that at all! He started getting really mad, and then started pulling on his face!! I dont know why he doesnt half of the things he does. He is an angel most of the time, but when he gets in one of those moods watch out!

Cotton Candy is always a must at a game.

Brody entertaining himself

No matter where we are, when a good song comes on Brody will hit the floor and start break dancing...I mean anywhere...I was in the bathroom and he heard a song he liked and started busting a move! I believe this time was to Party Rock Anthem.

This is a signature Brody move.
Dip n Dots is also a must!
Once in a while I had to resort to a binky. Dont judge, I know hes almost three but I really dont care, when he gets crazy I have no problem pluggin him up! He is in love with his binky and puppy...we cant go anywhere without that puppy.
Brody loves being around the big boys. He especially loved Kooper this time. Before the game I asked him who he wanted to sit by and without hesitating he said "Kooper!"

Me and my little man. I sure love that little boy.

The whole crew. (the lady wasnt that great at taking pictures)

Brody thought the dirt was so cool...the lady was nice enough to let him touch it and boy did he like it.

Its hard to believe my little baby brother is so huge now. Hes 16 and ready to date, so watch out ladies!

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