Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Friends and Family

Family and Friends


May 30th, 2010

The Burnett's came to visit us this weekend. We always have a blast when we are all together! With everyone actually in one place (does happen very often, Anya is usually at college) my mom wanted to take us out on a photo shoot.

We were all so surprised when Brody actually stood in place for the pictures...but of course he made a run for it after not too long.

There is quiet a big age difference between everyone. Brody is 20 months and Anya is 23, but we all get along so well and just love being around each other. I think my Mom said something along the line of if she could pick anyone to be family who isn't it would be these guys, I'm right there with her!

I love this picture, I think it is so cute with all of us lovin on Brody. It makes me laugh though because you cant really tell in this picture but he really wasn't happy at all, he really just wanted down and have nothing to do with pictures.

I cant believe how much my little baby is growing up! It is so fun seeing him grow and learn new things, but I still cant help but miss my little baby that needed me for everything. Hes growing into such a sweet little boy.

I so wish I had his olive toned skin, lucky little boy.

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