Wednesday, July 20, 2011


More Utah Pictures

July 20th - 26th

My Aunt and Uncle live in a really nice neightborhood with this awsome splash pad. Brody had a blast going to it. He keeps talking about the splash pad!

One of the few times Brody actualy sat still and let my mom take pictures of him.
Brod being his usual crazy self..I sure love that crazy little boy, he is always so much fun!

He loved taking a shower, Im thinking its because the water was warm.

Fireworks were crazy in Utah!! They are allowed to set them off for a whole month..and boy did people take advantage of it! The people two houses down from my aunt and uncle were setting off big fireworks from their front yard. We decided to settle for sparklers.

Our last full day in Utah (Monday) We all went to a Bee's game. It is Utahs minor league baseball team. Our family loves a good baseball game. And oddly enought they were playing Tacomas minor league team...so Brody of course had to sport his Mariner jersey.

Brody has always absolutly adored my cousin Jared. This time was no exeption. He always wanted to be around Jared.

And of course Brody with his super bag of cotton candy.

Doing some lunges to warm up for the game :)

The weather was beautiful..a little too hot, until about half way through the game when it started to rain :( And boy did it rain. We still had a great time though!

All of us trying to keep dry, then theres my Dad taking it like a man!

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Amanda said...

I can't believe how big Brody is! He's such a cutie.

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