Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Utah Trip

Utah Trip

July 20th - 26th, 2011

We ususaly go to the beach every summer, but this year our big trip was to Utah. One of my moms bestfriends daughters was getting married in Utah so we figured it was the perfect time to go and see Anya and some family (Anya is living in Utah now). It was such a nice get away. I almost wasnt able to go becuase of school but at the last minute I made it work and Brody and I got to go!

The first day we were there we went to Park City to hit the outlet mall :) We also went to the Alpine slides, they were so much fun. Brody had a blast!! Here we are waiting in line.

This was the first lift Brody and I had ever been on. I was a little worried Bro would be freaked out but he wasnt scared at all.

The slide's were sooo much fun. Brody had his hands in the air the whole time, screaming and laughing!

In front of the Hotel for the wedding.

After the wedding there was dinner and a dance. We all had a blast dancing!

On Sunday we all went walking around silver Mountain, it was beautiful.

Brody was in Heaven of course, that little boy loves being outdoors.

Sister :)

This picture just cracks me up. When people would walk by Brody would bent over and act like he was farting..making a farting noise and all!! Lets just say you can tell that he lives with his Uncle Evan!!
Evan doing his usual crazy thing! And I just love the look on my moms face, totaly her :)

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